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With over 25 years experience developing engaging media projects for a variety of businesses and organizations, Hilltop Media Design is passionate about supporting companies and organizations that are actively working to make the world a better place.

Our areas of expertise include: education, environmental conservation and restoration, health and wellness, fair trade, and conscious consumerism.

From web design, to interactive media installations, all of our projects are designed and implemented with love, care, and a deep respect for our client's vision.
We love web design! From start to finish, we'll assist you in developing, organizing and distilling your vision into a beautiful and highly functional website. We assess your business and marketing goals and ensure the web design and functionality will get you to your intended destination.

We're highly experienced in all of the major web platforms, including WordPress, Node.js, Magento, and even SquareSpace.

We also have a long history of creating world-class eCommerce websites.
Whether it's a highly specialized web application, or a simple mobile app, we're dedicated to 100% user satisfaction, ease-of-use, and clean UI/UX design.

We're up to speed on the latest technologies. Some of our recent projects utilize: Docker Containers / Rancher, Node.js, MongoDB, TensorFlow, OpenCV, and Vue.js... to name just a few.
Our team has a long history of developing online learning applications.

From progressive web apps, WebRTC video conferencing, and fully custom eLearning management tools, we design and implement long-term online learning strategies that can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure.

We also utilize open source technologies (whenever possible) to keep your overhead costs to a minimum.
We do start-to-finish graphic design and branding — beginning with logo design and product development, continuing on to website creation, and finishing with business cards and brochures.

Our goal is to ensure all of your print materials are consistent and of matching quality.
We got our start in video production and 3D animation, working in both network television and film. Integrating video into small and large-scale projects involves good planning, script development, and a keen eye for storytelling.

From interactive museum installations, to on-demand video applications, we offer you 25+ years of experience creating compelling visuals.

Their combination of creativity, care for their customers, and passion for what they do is a breath of fresh air. I LOVE my website and have received a resounding positive response on its appearance.

- Tina Harlow, Guiding Bright


They get the technology. We've been using them for several years to communicate complex ideas using web UIs, cloud-based big data, and video.

- Roger L. Johnson, Ph.D.
Chairman & CEO Information Technology, Ltd.


My experience was wonderful from start to finish. They are able to listen to your needs, suggest options based on their depth of experience and then be fully present every step of the way. Thank you Hilltop Media Design for bringing my vision to life.

- Lora Heiner, Inhale Yoga & Fitness


Every step of my website reconstruction was explained and professionally implemented. They improved my existing website way beyond my expectations.

- Cheryl Callen, Callen & Associates


The combination of technical and design skill alongside a caring attitude and meticulous communication skills makes Hilltop Media Design a 5 star recommendation.

- Sarah Hutchinson, Yoga Wisdom & Wellness

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