What We Do

Web Design

From start to finish, we'll assist you in developing, organizing and distilling your vision into a beautiful and highly functional website. We assess your business and marketing goals and ensure the web design and functionality will get you to your intended destination.

We're highly experienced in all of the major web platforms, including WordPress, Node.js, Magento, and even SquareSpace. We also have a long history of creating world-class eCommerce websites.

Custom WordPress Developer

WordPress has become the most popular and flexible content management system (CMS) available. It allows you to easily update content on your website without having to know a lick of coding. It’s simple and it’s powerful. We create custom WordPress websites from scratch, utilizing every feature that would be useful to you. Google also gives preference to custom-coded websites over stock themes.

All of our theme code is custom.  We do not use stock themes as our base.  This has numerous benefits.  Google will give your page rankings a boost for using custom code, and it also allows for complete customization of your website.  We meticulously hand-select all WordPress plugins and can code our own when necessary.  This approach gives you the most flexibility while still having all the benefits (ease of updating, simple user interface, etc.) from WordPress.

Responsive Web Design

We design your website to be viewed on many different types of devices, from desktop computers, to tablets, to smart phones. “Responsive Web Design” takes all of these into consideration and allows your website to adapt fluidly to each of these different types of devices — so it looks beautiful (and functional) no matter what it's being viewed on.

Internet Marketing

Confused about how to utilize the internet to promote your business? Want to develop a successful social media strategy? Needing some guidance on what technologies are useful and which aren’t even worth pursuing? Your resources are valuable. We have over 20 years experience and can provide you the insights and clarity you’re looking for.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is an essential part of any business that wishes to have a successful online presence that brings in new customers. Our job is to simplify the process and offer you a comprehensive and affordable package for local and global internet optimization.

App Development

Whether it's a highly specialized web application, or a simple mobile app, we're dedicated to 100% user satisfaction, ease-of-use, and clean UI/UX design.

We're up to speed on the latest technologies. Some of our recent projects utilize: Docker Containers / Rancher, Node.js, MongoDB, TensorFlow, OpenCV, and Vue.js... to name just a few.

Web applications and mobile apps can dramatically improve your business — from marketing, to creating useful interactions between you and your customers, employees, or other businesses.  We design apps for all types of devices, from iPhones and iPads, to Android devices.  We can walk you through the entire process, help you polish your idea, and give you down-to-earth advice on how to proceed, handling the entire project from start-to-finish.

Online Learning

Our team has a long history of developing online learning applications.

From progressive web apps, WebRTC video conferencing, and fully custom eLearning management tools, we design and implement long-term online learning strategies that can seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure.

We also utilize open source technologies (whenever possible) to keep your overhead costs to a minimum.

Graphic Design

We do start-to-finish graphic design and branding — beginning with logo design and product development, continuing on to website creation, and finishing with business cards and brochures.

Our goal is to ensure all of your print materials are consistent and of matching quality.

Video Production

We got our start in video production and 3D animation, working in both network television and film. Integrating video into small and large-scale projects involves good planning, script development, and a keen eye for storytelling.

From interactive museum installations, to on-demand video applications, we offer you 25+ years of experience creating compelling visuals.

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